5 Star Termite And Pest Control - The WORST customer service experience EVER!

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A born and raised Tucsonan and U of A graduate, I take pride in supporting my community and local business owners. After my experience with 5 Star Termite and Pest control, I would vehemently advise anyone to stay clear of this company. After the initial consultation, we were looking forward to using 5 Star because I was very pregnant at the time and their proprietary ETT444 distribution method used foam to keep the poison in the walls and not in our house.

When the technicians began to drill and disperse the supposed "foam", something went very very wrong. The poison liquid (not foam!) came flooding into our house from the baseboards into EVERY room, spilling over tile and soaking carpets. By the time my husband was able to get the technician to stop, all the damage was done. Where was the magical foam that stayed in the walls? We literally ended up with bowed out damaged baseboards, cracked tile grout and poison soaked carpets. Even the carpet in the NURSERY!

We promptly told the technicians that we would pay the invoice in full as soon as we speak with the owner about the damages and our dissatisfaction. We were shocked and aghast at how the owner handled the situation next. I would expect that an owner who takes pride in their business and values their customers would see that the damage caused was clearly their fault and at least offer to fix the damages and to completely clean the carpets. We were very wrong. Not only was the owner MAD at us for calling and complaining, she also was upset and literally screaming that we dared to not pay the invoice the first day!

The final resolution: We had termites two months after the poor treatment, they never repaired the damage, never cleaned our carpets and to avoid her threats of litigation and sending our invoice to collections (we have impeccable credit), we got bullied and paid our invoice. We will never do business with them again and I advise anyone looking for termite treatments to stay clear of this company.

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Even though you paid the invoice in good faith, I definitely would sue to get that back and for them to repair the damages. You appear to have a very good case.


Seeing that you are from Arizona, you need to immediately call the Structural Pest Control Board.This was obviously a 'missapplication' of pesticides, which is a direct violation of the law, and the applicator that did this will be investigated immediately.

If you can't find the number in the gov't pages, call up the AZ Dept of Agriculture. They will immediately start an investigation into this matter and make them repair and replace your damaged carpets,walls, baseboards,etc,. PS, You should have used Truly Nolen...Lot better reputation...More expensive yes, but you get what you pay for.


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